Rouge eau de parfum spray 100ml by Comme des Garcons.

Rouge by Comme des Garcons.
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Rouge eau de parfum spray 100ml by Comme des Garcons.


Seductive incense entangled with vegetal roots.  Ardent woods set boldly aflame. Resinous depth illuminated by beetroot.  A ceremonial clash of contrasts.  A radical revelation of blazing harmonies.

BRIGHT: Crushed clusters of spicy sweet pink peppercorns.  The enlightening intensity of Indonesian ginger. A luminous layer.

FRESH: Earthen emissions from fresh sliced beetroot.  Egyptian geranium leaves, minty and metallic.  Grounded wonder

DEEP: The resinous romance of sticky incense.  Woody patchouli dose with the aromatic amber of cistus.  A sacred sensuality.

Through deliberate overdose and rapturous expression, Rouge presents an unexpected unison.  An olfactive congregation of desire.  The archetypal associations of the color.  Rouge seen and subverted through the distinctly disruptive gaze of Comme des Garcons.