Rajasthan Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml by Etro. (Engraved bottle)

Rajasthan by Etro.
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Rajasthan Eau de Parfum by Etro.


Rajasthan tells the tale of the constant traveler moving into colourful Maharajaha cities in the East, as each sensual scent reveals the inherent femininity, passion and elegance of the nomadic soul. Poetry and seduction intertwine in an impatient prophecy and longing for eastern summers: even the brightly coloured, enamel bottle leaves just a trace of the sinuous Paisley just like the imprint of influence within nomadic life. A fragrance that holds hope for tomorrow, creating the perfect balance between cosmopolitan accents and the timeless grace of a shining India. 

Rajasthan perfume opens with luminous accords of lemon combined with elegant Damascus rose and its powerful sweetness. Gentle note in top notes is provided by yellow mimosa. The heart accentuates floral notes of almond spiced with pink pepper and warmed with a blend of amber, labdanum and white musk enriching the base.