Lost in Heaven extrait of parfum spray 30ml by Francesca Bianchi

Lost in Heaven by Francesca B.
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 Lost in Heaven extrait of parfum spray 30ml by Francesca Bianchi


The double nature of any human being: longing to perfection, innocence, absence of mistake, to a place uncontaminated by sin from one side, and the inevitable fallibility and impossibility of amending mistakes. The combination of white florals and animalic facets represents this dichotomy, as an invitation to accept both idealism and imperfection as a very specific human feature. This dichotomy, which sits at the back of anyone’s soul, is portrayed by a selection of the most angelic notes: beautiful Orange Flower and Jasmine absolutes, together with soft Heliotrope, smooth Sandalwood, sweet Tonka Bean and many other notes that I consider paradisiac. The darker side is conveyed in a much more subtle way, not immediately detectable, via cumin and other spices, and a large selection of animalistic notes, including a reconstruction of Tonkin Musk. 

Accords: Grapefruit, green tangerine, orange flower absolute, jasmine, ylang-extra, mimosa, cumin, magnolia, cinnamon, coriander, ambergris, musk, castoreum, orris butter, cistus absolute, opoponax, heliotrope, vetyver, sandalwood, patchouli, tonka bean.

Sweet, spicy, animalic, floral 

Mood: comforting, sensual, disobedient