Eternal Wood eau de parfum spray 120ml by Mancera

Eternal Wood by Mancera
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Eternal Wood eau de parfum spray 120ml by Mancera


As we journey from San Cristobal to the Chihuahuan deserts, the ethereal essence of Palo Alto gracefully envelops us, transcending the mundane. Eternal wood materializes in our reverie, guided by Mayan incense and burnt Oud. Davana accentuate the sensuality of the sillage, while Red Saffron imparts a passionate touch. Woody notes evoke the dense jungle, and the sweet scents of Toffee and Tonka remind one of tropical delights. This sensory adventure, extracted from Amelie’s memories, crystallizes a moment where nature, warmth, and magic unite in an enchanting perfume.

Top Notes: Burnt Laotian Oud, Davana & Red Saffron.

Heart Notes: Palo Santo, White Copal, Gaiacwood, Cashmere Wood.

Base Notes: Brown Toffee, Brazilian Tonka Beans, Amber & Oakmoss.


Very similar to Oud for Greatness by Initio.