Copper eau de parfum spray 100ml by Comme-des-Garcons

Copper by Comme des Garcons.
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Copper eau de parfum spray 100ml by Comme-des-Garcons at The Perfume Shoppe.


Copper - A fiery red metal, cool to the touch. COPPER is an olfactive interrogation of perceived differences and their harmonious alignment. 

A blend of distinct olfactive components: vivid pinks positioned against deep greens. Bright contrasts reveal new clarity. Ingredients found across the globe find unity in a single scent. Luminous berries atop darkened leaves, fresh galbanum harvested atop the Iranian mountains; luminous peppercorns picked in Peru; rhizomes of spicy Madagascan ginger distilled into oil. Chemically synthesized metals underscore natural notes. Artificial amber, natural vanilla and Ethiopian myrrh engrave sensuality beneath. Like rust corroding a golden sheen, with time COPPER evolves on the skin.

Encased within a copper vessel, organically formed and industrially made, COPPER transforms contradictions into compatibility. The subversive spirit of Comme des Garçons explored through scent.