Sensual Instinct eau de parfum spray 100ml by Montale

Sensual Instinct by Montale
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Sensual Instinct eau de parfum spray by Montale


Lush, sweet, and deeply bewitching, SENSUAL INSTINCT is a journey through a kaleidoscopic fantasyland where mouthwatering fruit, romantic florals, and rich gourmand notes intertwine with uncontrollable abandon. A must-have for lovers of truly full-bodied fragrance, it's an explosion of deeply resonant, highly colorful scents certain to get your pulse racing. Every moment is full of contrast and serendipitous pairings, as an opening of ultra-bright bergamote and mandarin is matched with sweet, smooth cardamom and boozy whiskey. As the amber and lushly drawn florals of the heart notes swell, so too does a delectable tiramisu accord, all set against a rich, gently earthy patchouli. And as the gourmand base of coffee, cacao, and vanilla intensifies, so too does the seductive power of this unforgettable scent. Lose yourself in the delicious haze of Sensual Instinct- your body knows what to do.