Fougere Bengale Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml by Parfum d'Empire.

Fougere Bengale.
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Fougere Bengale Eau De Parfum by Parfum d'Empire at The Perfume Shoppe.
Inspired by the Bengal part of the Ancient Mongol Empire, the warm and animalistic notes of Fougere Bengale recount the famous Bengalese tiger hunts in the heart of the Assam jungle where the humidity is permeated with the odor of hay. With Fougere Bengale, Parfum d’Empire also reinterpret the fougere genre by adding to the traditional blend of lavender, tonka bean and oakmoss a sensual and honeyed tobacco accord and a mouthwatering gingerbread note. Powerful and original, Fougere Bengale is an untamed scent for the adventurous travellers.
Notes: Lavender, tarragon, patchouli, geranium, tobacco, tonka beans, and vanilla